Tracking Papyrus and Parchment Paths.
An Archaeological Atlas of Coptic Literature.


A very precious source for free maps (i.e. public domain) has provided to be the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection of the Texas University. In particular, from the Perry-Castañeda library the following series have been downloaded:

Single maps of different scales, part of the Survey of Egypt series have been kindly made available by Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw (PCMA) (Warsaw, Poland). Many thanks to Artur Obłuski, the Director of the Research Centre in Cairo, and to his staff who provided courteous help and support.

The georeferencing work would have not been possible without the fundamental help of the GIS practical laboratories held at Sapienza University of Rome. Many students have dedicated long hours of passionate and patient work to accurately index, georeference, and process cartographic data.

A special thank goes therefore to our younger collaborators, coordinated by Paolo Rosati and Domizia d’Erasmo:

  • Fiorenza Angeloni
  • Ilaria Bitti
  • Luigi Campagna
  • Maria Giulia Castro Cedeno
  • Michele d’Agostini
  • Cecilia De Leone
  • Martina De Giuseppe
  • Beatrice De Santis
  • Annalaura De Santis
  • Ariela Desio
  • Lorenzo Gianni
  • Arianna Giordano
  • Giulia Mariotti
  • Susanna Masci
  • Manuela Micheli
  • Federico Palmieri Di Pietro
  • Veronica Porzi
  • Cristian Piatanida
  • Laura Restelli
  • Lorenzo Ricci
  • Rebecca Santinelli
  • Leonardo Vilona